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Welcome to hipmuseum.com. A Museum After Dark is dedicated to the people, places and poetry found
in the music of The Tragically Hip. The museum features every Hip song, the stories which inspired many of them,
and over 430 lyric references drawn from all of the albums and side projects. It is also home to the definitive list of
Unreleased Material and some of your Hipstories. Individual songs and references are displayed in the
One Stop Reference Shop and Hip Directory, while full length features can be found in the Exhibit Hall.

2014 Update. 9 years into this site and Luke Hatton is still discovering cool new things about 2005's Cooking in Wartime from the Hip scored short film, "The Right Whale."

Here's a really cool concept; a photo blog of all locations Hip. Photographer and Hip Head Mike Kalimin
has begun documenting locations referenced in songs by The Tragically Hip. Check it out:

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Featured Hip References:

Terry Fox
Inevitability of Death

Montreal Massacre


Courage: For
Hugh Maclennan

Barilko Bombers
Fifty Mission Cap

Hey North: New Orleans Is Sinking

Boss & Belief
Use It Up

Pop Music & Paul

P.E.T & Napanee
An Inch An Hour

David Milgaard
Wheat Kings

Mort & Magog Problem Bears

J.C. Looking For
A Place To Happen

Kurt Cobain
Don't Wake Daddy

Tom Thomson
Three Pistols

Love &
Lake Fever

Bismarck Break-Up
Nautical Disaster

Hey, whattya know: a movie about The Tragically Hip, featuring a bumbling and incoherent me!
Check it out before my people call your people



"They are the musical chroniclers of our times"
-Peter Mansbridge, October 21, 2001

"The Canadiana references became guide posts into a song's depths, the resulting marriage of language
and music became an invigorating experience that had never been so directly aimed at young Canadians."
-Have Not Been The Same, 2001

All non-lyric content and Hip photographs 2010 Stephen Dame
Lyrics are the property and copyright of The Tragically Hip.
Lyrics are provided for reference, education and personal use only.