Live Between Us Covers List


This is a list of cover tunes and familiar lyrical pieces Gord sings during the course of "Live Between Us." Please e-mail me if you can add to it. Unidentified songs or rants are in regular font, known covers are numbered and in italics:


- "Sun came up/Shot through the blinds/Today was the day/And I was already behind"

-  "I didn't even get my feet wet/I didn't paddle an inch/I've never fought for a thing/I've never fought for anything/I was raised on TV/Like so many of you I see around me."

1) A line from Imagine by John Lennon: "Nothing to live or die for/No religion too" (Thanks to Opiated)

- "I was going round your town/I was on my way down/I was picked up by a friend/He said: 'man I know you've come to some kinda dead end'/Oh lord I can swear there's a bend/I can swear there's a place where all those bits are commending(?)/And you can never be too dependant/And every one around you's smiling/Every one around you's stylin'/But you've got nothing to worry about/You've got nothing to worry about/Did things in an unusual way/Never really had a place to stray/Too far away/From the boat that brought me here today"

Hip Head Jonathan adds this interpretation of the "Grace, Too" ad-lib:

Oh lord I can swear there's a bend
I can swear there's a place where all those rips'll be mended
And you can never be too dependent. 


- "I'm in love with the old world/Please have me back/Please take me back/I'm in love with you old world" 

Hip Head Brad Thompson had this to add:

The "I'm in love with the old world" riff "always reminds me of the Modern Lovers song called "Old World." I'm not sure if Gord is referencing this song or not but for me it fits."


- "Get you a reconnaissance sweep/Can't do a reconnaissance sweep/Undercover/Catch you a kinda Cold War stiff/Nothing you can't handle/Nothing you can't see/No more rubber necking now/No more rubbernecking

-  "Only one can hear/Only 60 seconds on the dial/Sure that takes a while"


2) Into Temptation by Crowded House: "Into temptation/Knowing full well." 

- "I can swim/But I'm not that strong a swimmer/I threw myself into the water/And I'll swim at night across the river" 


- "I emplore you/I know you/You should be careful/Of who you walk next to/And you've got to/And you did it/Float the body 'cross the river."   


3) Every Irrelevance by Gord: "Catharsis and my arse is capable of more flush/Adolescence in essence is all about trust."


- "Know so much/This empty hall/There's an empty smell/And the curtains swell/And it's hard to tell/If there was anyone here at all" 


4) Montreal by The Tragically Hip: "The snow is so merciless/Poor old Montreal/In spite of everything that's happened/Yeah, in spite of it all/Don't you worry/Her mama's gonna make her look good"

New O

5) China Girl by David Bowie: "I see her heart beating loud as thunder/I See the stars crashing down/With my Giant China girl/Wake up mornings where's my little China girl/Too tired/She says, ah baby just you shut your mouth/She says shhh."

6) Don't Worry Baby by The Beach Boys: "Don't Worry Baby/Everything will turn out all right."  


No extra curricular activity 


- "All my friends are gone/And there out or just on my front lawn/No they were here I swear/They were here" 


No extra curricular activity beyond some groans and the Sean Connery/Richard Harris adlib. 


- "It is all I'd ever do/And it's all I'd ever do/I called and I called/I always did just what you said/And just one time I fucked up: you go away/And just one time I didn't get up and go away" 

7) Temple by Jane Siberry (Thanks Casey): "C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, I want in to your temple."

8) Bad Time To Be Poor By The Rheostatics: "It is a bad time to be poor/Cause we don't give a shit no more/If you want help don't look next door/The stakes are drawn and lined outside/Haven't I done enough to burn out/Haven't I been there to help out."


- "My face was red/I never heard a word you said... I don't know why but I still feel bad/I know there's no way to solve anything/I know there's no way to tell you stay... But if you listen just a little more"