Lofty Pines references


"...They're from the Lofty Pines Motel."

From the Unreleased Info Page: Lofty Pines; "It's too hot to sleep/Let's gather round the fan /We can't do nothing about the heat/Let's just do what we can" sings Gord in this jam which was played often during the summer of 1998, and occasionally since then. It was played on its own only once, at the Wetlands Preserve in New York, when Gord Downie, Paul, and Johnny played it while technical problems were being fixed. "If we only had nothing to say/If only we'd done nothing that day" seems to be a reference to the limousine which crashed while bringing several Detroit Red Wings home from a Stanley Cup party in 1997.

A very famous version of the Lofty Pines rant occurred at Boston's Bill's Bar in '98 during "At The Hundredth Meridian." It included Gord mentioning how the "if only" line was something Steve Yzerman might say, and concluding with "My name's Lofty; Lofty pines/And that makes ya'll friends of mine/I've taken up way too much of your time/With my tale of the Lofty Pines"

The Lofty Pines Motel was a real motel in Ontario's cottage country until sometime in the early 21st century.