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Hello fellow Hip Head,

Welcome to A Museum After Dark located at hipmuseum.com.

First, a little about myself. My name is Stephen Dame. I was born and raised in Georgetown, Ontario. I lived in Ottawa for 15 years and now reside in Toronto. In the past, I've worked as a journalist, photographer and political organizer. I'm currently a teacher of English and History.

My love of The Tragically Hip started early and never waned. You can read a laboriously long and pretentious bit about that here in the introduction to this site. That intro, and most of this project, began as a book that I was pitching to publishers in the fall of 2005. When that effort failed, "sorry, this would only sell in Canada," I went out and bought a book called HTML for Dummies. I taught myself how to build a site. This imperfect yet substantive presentation is the result.

A Museum After Dark is dedicated to the people, places and poetry found in the music of The Tragically Hip. You will find listed here all of the references that make The Hip's music so entertaining and enriching. This is a celebration of rock 'n roll with depth. I found that a deeper understanding of the lyrics greatly added to my enjoyment of the music. This is something I wanted to share.

At no point will you see definite "song meanings" or guaranteed interpretations. Instead, information is provided about the people, places and things mentioned in the music or credited with its inspiration. Whenever possible, primary sources are listed. When rumour or speculation enters the mix, this too is clearly noted. At all times, your input, information or differing opinions are welcome at stephendame@gmail.com.

Since this site first went live over a decade ago, I have been fortunate enough to speak about it on television, appear in a Juno award winning documentary, hear the site plugged on radio, see it mentioned in major newspapers and read countless appreciative e-mails from folks like you.

So, thank you. Thank you for coming by, for spreading the word and enjoying my work.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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A Juno Award winning documentary about
The Tragically Hip, featuring a bumbling and incoherent me!
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