Put It Off references


"...I wrote unfriendly things, truly cruel
On the day that you were born
To prove that words cannot touch beauty."

"...I had to find the cuteness in the unadorned."

The Lyrics are believe to have been inspired by the birth of one of Gord Downie's children. The song does carry a very personal tone, and the G-man has fathered a formidable clan of future rockers.

"...I played Love Tara, by Eric's Trip."

"Eric's Trip" were an established and well respected Canadian band featuring Chris Thompson, Rick White, Mark Gaudet and Julie Doiron. Doiron was a part of Gord Downie's "Country of Miracles" band which toured North America in 2003, and it's her voice you hear backing up selected tracks on 2000's Music@Work. "Love Tara" was the bands 1993 release.

"...I made degenerate art"

From a now defunct website: "In 1937, Nazi officials purged German museums of works the party considered to be degenerate. From the thousands of works removed, 650 were chosen for a special exhibit of "Entartete Kunst." The exhibit opened in Munich and then traveled to eleven other cities in Germany and Austria. In each installation, the works were poorly hung and surrounded by graffiti and hand written labels mocking the artists and their creations. Over three million visitors attended making it the first "blockbuster" exhibition."