Ultra Mundane references


The songs title is a clever play on the Ultramontane movement (translated directly from Italian it means "beyond the mountains," or even more literally: The Vatican) which preached the integration of church and state and felt that the Roman Catholic Church, under the auspices of the Pope, should direct social, religious and political life in all Catholic nations. The movement in Canada became tied up in the nationalist cause under leaders such as Louis Joseph Papineau and nationalist Quebec Premier Honore Mercier. In the 20th century, influential Quebec priests like Lionel Groulx preached Ultramontanism, supported hard line conservatives, and called for a "leader like Mussolini" for Canada. The movement died when the Quiet Revolution swept through Quebec, marginalizing goofs like Groulx and leaving Quebec far more secular than it had ever been before.

"...Into northern lights"

While they cannot be regionalized in Seymour Skinner's kitchen, the Northern Lights can be found in clear Canadian skies after the Sun goes down.

"...To see Etobicoke coyotes"

Etobicoke, Ontario is a suburb of Toronto that is known for a lot of things... wildlife aint one of 'em. It is however one of the many places which is now more commonly home to hungry animals heading out of the wilderness and into populated areas. Etobicoke began seeing a spike in coyote attacks around 2003 and a quick google search will demonstrate that they haven't stopped since.