I had a job before this, I had a job before this

Ultimately it was that job that drove me into this

I worked at an aquarium, at an aquarium with lotsa money from the government

So it was huge

I was a clean and scrub man; we called each other in the C&S union

I scrubbed the inside of the killerwhaletank

After a while, the boys in the clean and scrub, the C&S

We just sorta made it one word: the killerwhaletank

I'm going into the killerwhaletank

I got along with these two big beasts so well

It was like they knew me

They looked at me with their hundred year old eyes, and it was like they knew me

I'd put on my scuba gear, my mask, my regulator

And I'd fall into the tank with nary a sound, maybe a "phhtp"

And then I was underwater

Sometimes I jump out right in front the window

When people are expecting a killer whale and they see a human, they get spooked

They get spooked. Anyway, I do that

I was in the water this particular day

Unbeknownst to me: Shamu and Bartholomu; their relationship had gone stale

Seems I was going in their so much, and I was looking so good

Shamu took a shinning to me. And they're so smart those things ya know?

They've got all these human emotions

Love, lust, green hundred-year-old-eyed jealousy

Bartholomu was livid!

Unbeknownst to me; I can't hear a God damned thing under water!

He came up, he was bumping against me a lot

The stale killer whale, bumping up against someone so pale and frail

How was I to know the killer whale relationship had gone stale, well

He brushes up to me a couple of times, his skin's like sand paper

I say: "hey man, Bartholomu what's up? What's going on big fella? What is it"

"I don't wanna steal your mommy, and I sure don't wanna take the place of your daddy."

"I only wanna be your friend."

And he circled around, and I thought we were all patched up

I was scrubbing, and he came up, he came up... and he, he ripped my left arm off

I mean the killer whale, they're beasts of the deep

I mean they're quite docile and friendly in captivity

But somewhere along the line, the thousands of years of breeding, just snap

And he took my left arm, man, he took my left arm, he took my fucking left arm

"What is it Bartholomu?" I spoke to him in a language he could understand as I came back:

*whale sounds*